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understand your place within

a larger human story.

see yourself 

 your strengths 

 your purpose 

 your power 

 your story more clearly 

It's hard to see yourself and your story clearly without the busyness of life and the tangle of your own emotions getting in the way. The weight and meaning we attach to our own lived experiences make it hard to "see the forest for the trees." We miss how such moments shaped our journey, the scattered signposts that hint toward our greater purpose and calling. 

You aren't here by mistake. Your story matters greatly. And, as we begin to unpack it, we're going to find clues about who you're meant to be - the strengths and passions that are innate to you. Sometimes, your gifts are obvious, highlighted in the way you live your everyday life. Other times, they may have been diminished or discarded as a result of painful life experiences. 

Maybe the darker places on your journey led you to believe that your gifts were a mistake or malfunction because they weren't supported or valued by your community. I trust you'll find that your origin story is an invitation to recognize your particular calling and confidently walk the path set just for you.  


As your story guide, I'm here to:

  • Ask the right questions to shape your powerful narrative

  • Push you beyond your comfort zone to mine valuable story pieces

  • Pinpoint and connect the larger themes that give your story meaning

  • Help you identify how your lived story unveils the impact you're here to make on the world

The rest is really up to you. 

"Lauren is a mind reader - her process should be mapped and marketed."

- Kyle H.

"Lauren is amazing to work with - creative, versatile, and adaptive."

- Leigh-Anne A.

Recent Story Work

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Janet, Bakery Owner

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