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A Copywriter's Tale.

It was 2015. I was alternating my time between a toddler and a newborn, endlessly exhausted and exhaustively uncertain about what was next. In my mind, thirty-somethings were supposed to "have it all together." I couldn't even be bothered with pants most days.


At least I'd done everything right by American standards: a college degree in the cultural religion of economics and business, a grad degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution that would surely pave the way to great endeavors in the mediative arts... but when? My senses were perked for the starting bell or fairy godmother appearance that would signal the next phase of my life and the start of something awesome. 

Instead, I got a phone call. A mutual acquaintance who ran a boutique West Coast PR firm needed some writing done, and could I help? It started out with a small press release here, an article there. Projects to keep me busy and give me a title besides "mom" to cling onto. I had no clue how to write for press, but I put my head down and did the work.


With some critiques and fine-tuning, I turned out some damned good copy. Soon, word started to spread. One client turned into two, then ten more. I simply kept saying "yes" to things that came my way. By 2020, I looked up from a whirlwind five years to discover that I was a copywriter with a thriving enterprise.



Now? I've racked up ten years chock full of accidental awesome. I've had the privilege of partnering with hundreds of innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs to develop every kind of marketing asset, drafting projects for recognized names like Braun, Gerber, LG Electronics, Katy Perry, AKON, Chef Akira Back, Christian Lacroix, and even White House senior staff.


Working with these global names was definitely a shot of adrenaline to my ego and bank account, but it didn't bring the same level of challenge, excitement, and fulfillment that I felt when helping to establish startup brands and fresh creative concepts. There is a special magic in helping to identify and express someone's genius, rather than add to an already-existing body of brand work. 

As much as I love writing, the heartfelt conversations I get to have with creators like you are what make this work worth it. Idea people are MY people - individuals who see and feel what the world could be and are brave enough to make it happen. What an honor to support that courageous calling with my own gift for words. 

Creators, this work is for you. 


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