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capture your unique

and powerful story.

We live in a story that began long before we arrived and will likely continue long after we are gone. Among a wide cast of characters that serve as our forebears, role models, and contemporaries, what role do you and your business play? 

Whether you see it or not, you were born in this time and place for a reason. There is important work here for you to accomplish - a mission for you to fulfill. Your past (we'll call it your origin story) may be filled with bumps and bruises. But the journey has specifically prepared you for your given task, and it holds clues pointing you toward the person and entrepreneur you are meant to be.


Maybe it sounds crazy. This is real life, not some graphic novel or Michael Bay movie. But is it? All of the stories we grew up with, the clashes of good versus evil, were inspired by our Human Story. We can feel the deeper truth of this when we root for our heroes as the odds stack against them.


We are drawn to such tales because the Story lives inside of us, mirroring the best and worst aspects of ourselves. You are a beautifully hewn prism of distinctive perspectives and experiences, a product and continuation of the story that came before you but also a hopeful new beginning.


My journey led me down the path of a storyteller and narrative guide. My task is to gather up the bits of history behind you, all of the choices and circumstances that brought you here, and weave them together. The finished story reveals a clearer picture of who and why you are, your strengths and power, your calling and purpose.    


"This process felt like therapy,

and I came away with a whole new understanding

of how all the pieces of my story fit together."

- Emma G.

When you gain a better understanding of your personal and brand story, you gain insight into who you are and how you can best help the world. Suddenly, a light bulb comes on and things begin to make more sense. The jumble of experiences, achievements, and mistakes that make up your history become a roadmap to redemption, a picture of your greater purpose and your place within the larger Human Story. 

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A bit about me:

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I was born in Dallas, Texas at the height of the golden eighties. An only child with an overactive imagination, I nurtured my theatrical soul by filling countless VHS tapes with one-woman shows of made-up stories told in song. Between penning fan mail to Jonathan Taylor Thomas and re-watching Homeward Bound, I dreamed of a bright future as a professional storyteller. Today, I'm living my earliest vision by shaping personal and brand narratives, collaborating on content that puts to good use every precious moment of song and story. My entire career is a relentless pursuit of compelling communication and biographical artistry composed from my current perch in Montana, where I aspire to appear outdoorsy and cool like my rough'n'tumble friends.

The obligatory "third-person professional" fine print: 

Lauren holds a degree in Business and Economics from Westmont College and a Master’s in Conflict and Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon Law School, with an emphasis on community reconciliation and interpersonal communication.

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